Gum Shields / Mouth Guards

Gum Shields / Mouth Guards

Park View Dental provides custom-made mouth guards for sports, and for conditions such as sleep apnoea, snoring and teeth grinding. There are many different types of mouth guards available.

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and use this to create a detailed mould of your mouth. This will map even the smallest gaps and irregularities in your teeth, unlike over-the-counter mouth guards that can only mirror the general outline of your smile.

The mould and exact measurements of your mouth will then be used by a dental technician to create a mouth guard from strong, durable plastic. Your dentist can also select the thickness of your mouth guard to suit your needs.

The precise fit means that a bespoke mouth guard can provide greater comfort and protection than a cheaper, over-the-counter alternative.

Unlike shop-bought mouth guards that can change shape and degrade within a few months, a custom mouth guard can last for several years, depending on wear and tear. It is important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups to ensure your mouth guard still fits correctly.



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