Cobalt Chrome Dentures

Cobalt Chrome Dentures

You may think that getting dentures is purely an aesthetic thing but actually, having no teeth at all can cause problems for facial structure and your ability to chew and bite. 

Cobalt chrome dentures have a metal base plate or framework that sits on and around the natural teeth onto which we attach denture teeth with acrylic.

These types of dentures require a coordinated effort with a technician who specialises in constructing cobalt chrome dentures.

What to expect


Initial impressions where we take moulds of your teeth.


Secondary impressions when we take more impressions with a custom made


Bite – the this is when we ensure your teeth bite into the right position and then take certain measurements so as to translate this to the technician.


Try in- your dentures are made from the metal frame work with  wax with acrylic teeth at this stage so we can fit them and make any changes before the final fit.


Fit stage – the dentures are now all made of acrylic and cobalt chrome.

At the fit stage they usually need some fine adjustment to ensure all is perfect.

The patient is then advised on removal and fitting of the denture as well as care instructions.

Advantages of cobalt chrome dentures

  • Stronger
  • Less bulky
  • Discreet
  • Less coverage of soft tissues and is therefore less likely to affect ability to taste of food
  • Does not rely on suction (good for those with a reduced saliva flow)



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