Frequently Asked Questions

If you need quick answers to your questions, you may find them here. You are also welcome to get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

I’m a nervous patient can you help me?

We understand that some people struggle with dental treatment, so we have lots of ways to help put you at ease. Please just tell us how you feel and what worries you, and then we can work together to decide on the right approach.

Are you taking on new patients?

You can get in touch at any time to enquire about availability. You can pop in or call us on 01484 423701

Is teeth whitening right for me?

Whitening can be an important part of a smile makeover. We always check the suitability of your teeth, as it may not be recommended for some patients with high sensitivity. It’s important to know that we may not be able to treat all of your teeth: whitening can’t alter the colour of fillings, crowns, veneers, for example. Your dentist can explain and suggest any options open to you.

Is an electric or manual toothbrush better?

Your manual tooth brush needs to be medium not soft or hard, it needs to be changed frequently in order to be efficient.

Electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque! Those with heads that oscillate and pulsate are the most effective. There are numerous electric brushes on the market. You need to choose one that suits your needs and budget.

What happens if I miss my appointment?


We ask for 24hr cancellation notice, however, if you fail to let us know that you can’t attend your appointment you may be charged for a hygienist or a non-NHS treatment appointment.

For regular NHS appointments, we do not charge a cancellation fee, however, if you fail to attend on two occasions, we may close your course of treatment and refuse to see you again. This is only to ensure the provided dentist time is used efficiently and fairly.